Brighton Festival!

7th May… 7pm The Quadrant Pub
BN1 3GJ (also 2/3rd June)

£5 recommended although you can pay more….

Identity (WIP)

I’m this new show Fury celebrates and redefines what it means to have national pride. An investigation into the history of queer Britannia, Fury uses her own identity as a non binary, bisexual, person of colour to poke broken Britain with a comedy stick and write a left wing love letter to this nation having an identity crisis.
Identity. A show the celebrates the ‘ish’ in British

Becky Fury is an award winning stand up comedian and has performed in many diverse venues including the Royal Albert Hall (back room) a converted disabled toilet and more conventional venues across the UK and Europe.
She writes and directs her own work and considers herself a comic artiste when she is feeling pretentious
She has also appeared in various commercials, the Kumars at Number 42 and Crimewatch. (Playing a role rather than as a suspect, in this occasion at least)

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